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Buying a Home with a Sump Pump?

It’s not every day that you hear the words sump pump being used. The truth is that some people have no idea what it is at all. However, a sump pump may be a good thing to have in your home, and if you are buying a home that’s already fitted with one, you would no doubt enjoy the benefits at some point. Despite the negatives out there about a sump pump, it may be just the tool you need for your home in the event of a flood. There’s value in sump pumps, and here are some things to consider when buying a home.

Purpose of a Sump Pump

Typically installed in the floor of the basement of a home, a sump pump is used to “pump” water out of a flooded area in another location, like a storm drain. If you live in a region that’s prone to flooding and rain, a sump pump is highly beneficial. However, not just any sump pump will do. Instead, know before installation the exact type of sump pump that’s ideal for your home and the type of rainfall your region experiences.

Check for Potential Water Damage

If you are purchasing a home with a sump pump, you may find signs of water damage or check for water damage that may have existed before a sump pump was installed. Any water damage should be noted before the professionals come in to install a sump pump in your new home. It’s possible that a sump pump may not be adequate to prevent flooding if water levels are too significant. 

Look For Structural Damage

Flooding can cause severe structural damage when the water is too much for the sump pump to handle. While the sump pump can perform well in stopping most levels of water, when it can’t, holes can develop in the structure of your home and lead to leaks that can cause serious water and mold damage.

Check to See if the Sump Pump is Functional

You want to ensure that the sump pump that already exists in your home is in good working order. It’s a great move to test the sump pump before you put pen to paper on the buyer’s agreement. You may find that you need to replace the sump pump or make repairs in order to avoid risking dealing with costly leaks and water damage.

Perform Regular Test on Your Sump Pump

It’s crucial to ensure that your sump pump is functioning properly at all times, and by periodically testing it, you can ensure that it’s in optimal shape. Inquire from your local plumbing provider if they perform sump pump maintenance service. For DIY testing, fully fill a five-gallon bucket with water and slowly pour the water into your sump pump with the goal of activating the pump and draining the water. Keep a keen eye on the process and quickly turn off the sump pump when the water dips below the shutoff level.


If you’ve decided to buy a home with a sump pump, it may be the best decision you make. B-Dry can install a new sump pump with your home, and provide you with a handy tool that’s beneficial to your home and family. Our team of professionals can safely and efficiently install a sump pump, delivering services you can depend on. Contact us today.

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