French Drain Systems

What is a French Drain System?

The B-Dry System is an interior perimeter French drain. Pipe sitting in stone is installed in a trench 6” below the basement floor.

Before the system is recemented, a rigid vinyl barrier is attached to the base of the foundation wall to divert wall leakage into the system.

As the water table rises under the floor, it is picked up in the drain pipe system gravitating to a sump well. B-Dry Systems uses the highest quality heavy duty cast iron pumps made in USA.

The B-Dry French drain system was given a US government patent in 1986.

basement water

B-Dry Systems

This is most highly effective method of ensuring a dry basement. Our team of professionals are highly experienced in in installing high quality French drain systems in both residential and commercial buildings. If you are having trouble with water coming in to your house, we’d love to help!