Know How to Properly Compare Warranties


pool-roomHow long has the company been in business?

Call the Better Business Bureau and find out. If they have no record or a poor track record of the company, take this into consideration when you are making your decision.

Beware of any company that promises to eliminate high humidity and condensation.

If a company claims you won’t need a dehumidifier after they install their system, be cautious. Humidity is in the air. It doesn’t leak into a basement the way water does. Even basements with zero leakage may require a dehumidifier during humid months. A professional, reputable waterproofing company can help you determine the difference.

Read and understand what is not covered by different warranties.

Although you’ll want to deal with a reputable company who will absolutely stand behind their work, some conditions, like floods, humidity and plumbing leaks, are impossible to control. NO reputable company will promise you protection from these things.

All Lifetime Warranties are not Alike!

Installation of the B-Dry® System gives you great peace of mind because our basement waterproofing technology has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by FHA, HUD and ICC-ES (formerly B.0.C.A – Building Officials & Code Administrators), the organization that writes the National Building Codes.

Our experienced consultants will be happy to sit down with you and help you sift through the jungle of fine print that you’ll find out there. B-Dry®
System Licensees are very proud of our Lifetime Warranty and we’d be glad to help you compare it with any other warranty on the market today. Just ask!

Independent Licensees use B-Dry® Systems patented in 1986 Check with your local installer for terms and conditions of their warranty