Dehumidification System

One of the things we could do to keep our home comfortable and healthy is to regulate the humidity inside. There are a lot of factors why we need to consider this but the most important is the health risk humidity entails. Controlling the humidity level means controlling your living spaces and have it inhospitable to molds, dust mites, and other allergens. Humidity levels differ from time to time, but it can rise dramatically especially during summer times. A lot of areas in your home are more prone to this rise than others, such as your basements and crawl spaces. As humidity rises, it carries polluted air with it. You have to prevent this polluted air to move to the rest of the house as it carries a lot of undesirable content that will lead to poor indoor air quality.

How do Dehumidifiers work?

The way it works is kind of like a process. The machine first pulls in the humid air into its air filter and is passed over to the evaporator coil. The evaporator has a cool surface that combines with the humid air and condenses it to form water droplets on the coil. The water then drips down to the drain pan and goes out through a tube. The cold air then goes to the coil and is heated up, and lastly, the machine releases the warm dry air to the open space.

Why B-Dry Systems?

The B Dry CAPS teams are experts in setting up advanced high grade dehumidifiers that cannot be found in stores. Our experience combined with our high quality equipment can provide you with a comfortable and safe living space.