Do I Need a Professional Dehumidifier?

When humidity issues arise in your space, it can have adverse effects on health and comfort. The reason is that it brings about poor ventilation, which makes the environment unsafe. And if this is persistent, it can cause permanent damage. Before it gets to that point, the ideal solution is getting a professional dehumidifier. With that in place, you can prevent your space from being vulnerable to the effect of humidity.

So, what are the problems that may require getting a dehumidifier?

Condensation and Puddles

It doesn’t happen all the time, but your home or business may be filled with water when it does. That is what a burst pipe can do. When you start noticing condensation on walls and pipes, it’s a sign of a humidity issue. If your property is situated in a humid climate, you might experience puddles more frequently than ever. These are cases where you need a professional dehumidifier. If these issues fail to get the required attention, your property is at stake.

Mold and Mildew

Excessive environmental moisture leads to mold growth, which isn’t good for our health, especially respiratory issues and allergies. It might be easy to clean the visible mold within your reach, but once it proliferates, professional service comes to mind. While this isn’t a problem, consider the cost that you will incur to get it done. However, with a professional dehumidifier, you can prevent mold and mildew from growing. Hence, no additional cost for mold remediation.

Stuffy Odor

Imagine sitting in an environment with an unpleasant odor but can’t pinpoint what is causing it. Unfortunately, the possible cause of this is a moisture problem. People find it difficult to breathe properly where the atmospheric condition is unbearable. It indicates that your residence needs a commercial level dehumidifier to protect everyone’s health. The major red flag that affects workers’ productivity is a stuffy environment.


Humidity issues can attract pests into any environment, including the workplace. Water aids the survival of pests, and they can go any length to find comfort. Moisture situations are an invitation to rats, cockroaches, flies, and termites that destroy wood and cause additional structural damage.


If your home or business is experiencing moisture problems. B-Dry Boston can provide you with professional waterproofing services for business efficiency. Contact us for a quote today.

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