Sump Pump

Sump pumps are for basements that fall victim to an all-too-common problem: water getting in from outside. Though ideally a sump pump should be installed while a house is still under construction, in many cases, one must be installed in an existing home as part of a larger basement waterproofing effort.

What Does A Sump Pump Do, Exactly? 

Technically speaking, what most people refer to as a “sump pump” is actually a water-removal system that consists of two primary components. The first component is a sump, which is a cylindrical basin that sits beneath the surface of the basement floor. 

Sumps vary in size but the typical residential sump is approximately two feet deep and about a foot-and-a-half wide. The second component is a 1/2, 1/3 or 3/4 -horsepower pump called a sump pump. This highly specialized type of pump can be either battery powered or wired directly into the home’s electrical system. In fact, you have many different options at your disposal when it comes to choosing a sump pump. However, be sure to choose a sump pump capable of switching itself on and off automatically. This will ensure that water is being removed in a timely and effective manner even when no one’s at home. An automatic sump pump will have a pressure sensor or a float activator arm similar to what you would in the tank of a toilet. When the sump fills with water, the pump will receive a signal to turn on and begin pumping the water out. The typical residential sump pump removes water from a sump through centrifugal force. The water is pumped out of the sump and away from the home. That, in a nutshell, is how a sump pump works.

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