Why Your Crawl Space is Damp, Smells Musty, and Has Mold

It can be difficult to keep an eye on every part of your home, but if you’ve noticed a musty smell coming from under the floors, there’s a pretty good chance that your crawl space needs a bit of attention. Here’s what you need to know about why your crawl space may be experiencing a bit of trouble. 

Moisture is the Problem

If you’ve noticed that your carpets are getting damp, the wooden floors are bowing, or your allergies are getting worse, there’s a high chance that there is an excess of moisture in your crawl space. Moisture is the biggest reason that your crawl space might be experiencing mold growth or musty smells, and it comes in through four main ways:

Through the Vents

When many older homes were being built, builders would install vents between the outdoors and the crawl space. The idea was that the air would be able to freely circulate and keep the area dry. However, lately, it has been found that the vents allow more moisture from outside into the crawl space or basement. Not to mention, rainwater can also get in, leading to puddles of stagnant water. 

Exposed soil

If the crawl space lacks an actual built floor, the exposed ground allows moisture to gather. Normal dirt in a dark enclosed space like these will be damp naturally. As heat rises, the moisture may evaporate into the air, and without a way to escape, the dampness stays in the crawlspace. 


Water located in the ground around the home can also prove to be a problem for crawl spaces. In times of heavy rainfall, the earth becomes over-saturated and the water begins to leak. It can easily seep from the soil to the crawl space through block walls or cracks or under the footing. Once the water gets inside, it doesn’t have the opportunity to dry out; instead, it might evaporate upward and infiltrate the house, causing the dampness to spread. 

Leaky pipes

It is crucial to keep a close eye on plumbing that goes through or around the crawl space. Even a small leak can cause puddles to form, encouraging the growth of mold, encouraging rot of any surrounding wood, and attract insects and other pests looking for a drink. 

If moisture is a problem for your crawl space and you’d like to correct that, B-DRY is your first stop for basement and crawl space waterproofing and foundation repair. Give the pros a call at (978) 262-1405 and get your crawl space dry today. 

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