Signs of a Failing Foundation

There are tons of issues that can happen with a home, but none are quite as problematic as a bad foundation. If ignored, issues with your foundation will spread and cause problems throughout the rest of your home. You can’t see the foundation, so how do you know when yours is in need of some repair? Continue reading this blog to learn some of the signs.

Cracks in the Dry Wall

The majority of homes in the United States and especially in the Northeast are built using drywall. Drywall is also known as sheetrock or plasterboard. It’s a panel that makes up the interior walls of your home. It’s a sturdy material that is durable and built to last, so if cracks start to appear. Cracks typically start small and expand over time, and as your foundation becomes more damaged. Take a stroll through your home and inspect the walls to see if there are defects in your wall, which is a sign of foundation issues. 

Areas Around Windows & Doors

When a foundation begins to settle, you’ll notice imperfections around your doors and windows. Shifts in your foundation will cause your doors and windows to have trouble opening and closing. They won’t provide a tight seal any longer once your foundation is compromised. If your windows and doors are sticking, issues with your foundation could be a cause. 

Cracks in Walls

There are a few common types of cracks that you can see in walls depending on the particular foundation issues that your home has. Perhaps the most common type of crack is called a “stairstep” crack. This will be visible from the first floor of your home or in the basement. It occurs when part of the foundation shifts and sinks before another does, hence the step look when part of the foundation pulls the wall down. The next most common type of crack is horizontal cracks. They’re caused when soil from outside the home presses into the foundation, causing inward pressure. The freezing and thawing that we experience in Massachusetts lead to expanding and contracting soil, putting stress on your foundation and cracking to form. While not as common, vertical cracks can also occur when your foundation is sinking. This happens when the soil that’s underneath your foundation is thawing and freezing, the soil softens, and your whole home sinks. Homes often sink more in the summer when the soil is softer and more pliable.

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