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Check These Things Before Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling your basement is an exciting project that will allow you to add a new space to your home. Often times, the excitement of the project can take over and some essential steps are overlooked those cause problems later on. Use our guide to make sure your basement is ready for a remodel project and prevent any pricey fixes later on.

Test for Radon

Elevated levels of radon gas are a leading cause of lung cancer and unfortunately, many people don’t even know they’re being exposed to it. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends testing for radon every two years so if you are not up to date, be sure to do this before beginning the remodel project.

Keep Necessary Items Accessible

The basement is typically the place where several important items are located so it is essential to keep this in mind when redesigning. Make sure your furnace, heat controls, electric panels, water valves and more are still accessible with the new arrangement of the basement to prevent any possible issues.

Test for Moisture

Test your basement to see if there are any moisture issues. Many families go ahead and redesign their basement with new furniture and decorations that end up getting ruined from mold and water damages. Take the proper precautions and test for moisture to ensure your new basement is sustainable. If you have moisture issues, call us today for a quote on our basement waterproofing system! Want to know more about how we guarantee your basement will be dry for a lifetime? Read more about our waterproofing system here!

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