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How To Keep Your Basement Dry this Summer

Summer has finally begun, and it is time to bring out the grills and sunblock. While you enjoy your time outside in the sun, you may see yourself going into your basement to cool off. But when you enter your basement you notice that your basement is damp, and some pieces of furniture are wet. This is because the heat and humidity that is surrounding your foundation are entering your basement.

This humidity and wetness in your basement and cause mold to produce and will damage your foundation and the interior of your basement. Between the intense heat of the summer and the humidity building up after every rain, the ground around your basement moves by expanding and contracting, and this can directly weaken your foundation.

Another factor to consider is the soil foundation your home was built on, the type of soil will depend on the how well the water is drained away from your foundation. If your home was built on top of clay soil, you could expect to have foundation issues because clay does very little to drain water away from your home. When you start to see a wet or damp ceiling in your basement, you may start to get small cracks on the outside walls of your foundation or even the floor. This issue should be addressed imdeitately because water can enter the small cracks and will eventually damage your foundation. Addressing the issue before it turns into a large one will save you money in the long run, and you can enjoy your basement all summer long worry-free.

Why B-Dry?

The easiest way to ensure your basement is safe from water damage this summer is having it inspected by a professional from B-Dry systems. We find issues with your basement at an early stage and many times the issue can be fixed quickly at an affordable price. If you are concern about your basement being damp or see a small crack, give us a call today at (978) 262-1405.

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