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What To Do When Your Basement Gets Flooded

No matter how prepared you are, accidents will still happen. Mother nature is an unpredictable and powerful force that can cause ruin quickly. If you have fallen victim to basement flooding, here are five steps you need to know to clean up a flooded basement!

Turn Off the Power
This part may be best left to a professional. If you are sure there is not a loose electrical current running through the water, make your way over to the fuse box and shut the power down.
If you are not sure, do not hesitate to call in an electrician to get the job done safely. Chances are you’ll need to call them anyways to assess any damage to your home’s electrical system.

Take Inventory
Only after turning the power off. It is also recommended to do this before calling in the insurance adjuster. Take a detailed inventory of every item that is damaged including the carpet and walls. Be sure to take plenty of photos. Get any items out of the water that you can salvage!

Call Insurance Company
Although you may be panicking, you’ll need to call the insurance company. Explain to them what just happened and what the extent of damage is. You want to be sure the necessary repairs get done. If possible, call an insurance adjuster to come and detail your coverage options.

Sump Pump
If you have a sump pump installed be sure to listen and verify that it has turned on. If it doesn’t turn on or you don’t have one installed, it’s time to call in a professional emergency restoration company!

Begin Cleanup
For smaller amounts of flood damage, you may be able to do the cleanup by yourself or with the help of a couple of friends. Larger amounts of flood damage should be taken care of by a professional company that can dry and store your belongings while your basement is being repaired.

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