Basement Dangers After a Flood

Basement flooding can be a major problem, that takes time to deal with. While B-Dry is here to help you from ever having a flooded basement again, we understand you should be aware of the dangers once your basement floods. If you have not worked with us to ensure a waterproofed basement, here are some dangers you need to know:

  • Never go into a flooded basement until an expert has reviewed the situation. You have to be sure your home is removed from the electrical socket to know that your website is no longer on the grid. If you don’t do this, you could be at immediate danger of electrocution.
  • After your basement has been drained, you have to understand that mostly all of your electrical equipment will be ruined.
  • Moisture that builds up from flooding is terrible for a home.
  • Moisture is also bad for your basement’s foundation. Small cracks can expand and multiply which can turn into future and more often flooding then before.

What we have learned is that a flooded basement is something nobody wants to endure. If you have endured a past flood, be sure that you reduce any future re-occurrences.