What Cracks in your Basement Walls & Floors are Telling You

Cracks throughout your basements walls or floors is never a good sign. While it does mean damage has occurred in your lower level, it doesn’t mean it is an extremely serious situation. Some cracks need repair, some mean your foundation is in trouble, some mean you may have moisture trouble, while some others may not be too serious at all.

Below are a few crack varieties, along with specifics of how they are caused:

  1. Interior wall cracks:  This may be a sign of foundation damage. While the cracks slowly occur, it can be difficult to notice them. If you recognize a problem, contact a BDry specialist.
  2. Horizontal wall cracks: Horizontal basement wall cracks are usually caused by an outside pressure on the wall. When this is the case, it is usually water pressure.
  3. Vertical Wall Cracks: These specific cracks are often less damaging then horizontal cracks. It is usually caused by shrinking concrete as it cures.

For further info & cracks to be aware of in your foundation, please feel free to visit BDry’s website. Some problems are easy fixes while others are in need of serious help. The B-Dry foundation repair team is also available to help with a free evaluation.