Waterproofing Paint vs. Professional Waterproofing

Many homeowners often get scared at putting money and investing in their leaking basement with a permanent & professional solution. One frequent avenue that people take is trying to waterproof their basements with paints. The thought process is that the waterproofing paint will create a seal tight protection barrier against any water. Here a few cons of waterproofing pain, so you under the truth about it.

  1. Can’t Waterproofing a Basement: These paints are used to plug or stop water from entering a basement, but it does not entirely manage water from entering a basement. It’s by this that paint is only a short term solution and not a long term one.
  2. Paint creates hydrostatic pressure: Black wall foundations have gaps and when filled with moisture these gaps create hydrostatic pressure. Waterproofing paints make this problem much worse as they build up excessive amounts of moisture resulting in much greater pressure within the wall.
  3. Blistering: Paint relies on its bond with a wall to stay in tact. Over time a wet surface will certainly strain this bond with the wall and a white efflorescence will grow. This leads to paint creating a large “blister” which can flake off over time.

At the end of the day, waterproofing paint causes more problems then it does solutions. To reduce stress, effort and time working on your basement consider hiring a professional to permanently waterproof your basement.