Why Your Crawl Space Has a Musty Smell

No one wants to be in a home that doesn’t smell fresh and clean. What’s even worse than being in a home with a bad odor? Owning that house. If your home has an unpleasant musty odor coming from the crawl space, it will become something you have to try to avoid and keep guests away from too. Musty smells coming from the crawl space are not normal. Ignoring the smell can actually cause you to become nose-blind to it over time, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone! Visitors are sure to still notice the unpleasant stench and whatever’s causing it will only continue to get worse. If your crawlspace smells musty, one of these reasons is probably why. 


Mold grows in places that are damp and dark. If you’ve ever been in your crawlspace, that’s exactly what the conditions are like. Mold growth will continue to spread and get worse until the existing mold is removed and the source of the moisture is eliminated. Mold that grows on the wooden support beams under your house can become especially musty. 


A crawlspace is the perfect hideaway for a variety of annoying pests. Mice, rats, insects, cats, racoons, and other small animals can make their way into the crawlspace. They typically use the space as a shelter and may even bring their family along! As pests set up shop under your house, you’re sure to catch some unpleasant smells. They’ll be going to the bathroom and hiding food under there too. If you suspect you have pests hiding in your crawlspace, you should hire a professional exterminator to check it out. Attempting to remove them yourself is dangerous for both you and the pests. 

Water or Sewage Leak 

A small water or sewage leak in the lines under your house can fill your crawlspace with musty smells and dangerous toxins in the air. If you suspect a water or sewer leak, it needs to be repaired ASAP before it backs up into your home. The area will also need to be properly cleaned and dried after the leak has been fixed to prevent future mold growth.

Forgotten Items Holding Moisture 

If your crawlspace acts as a catch-all storage space, it’s easy to forget what’s down there. Leaving items in storage in your crawlspace for extended periods of time puts them at risk of collecting moisture and growing mold or mildew. Those items will not only stink up the crawlspace, but they could also become ruined from the moisture! Ensure any items that are stored in your crawlspace are in watertight containers with no holes or cracks. 

Contact B-Dry Boston today to get your crawlspace inspected or repaired if you’ve noticed an annoying musty smell. Trying to determine the cause of the smell and repair it all yourself is nearly impossible, so leave it to the professionals! 

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