Selecting the Best Sump Pump

Sump pumps are ideal for homes with a basement or other inaccessible crawlspaces. These sump pumps are good to get the water to a high level where water levels are low. These pumps, in either case, help to prevent damage to your property or the premises, or even open lands.

Sump pumps come with an option for manual operation or an automatic one, all depending upon the quantity of water you want to remove.

There are a few steps you should know before going to buy a sump pump suitable for your requirements.

Base Type

Most sump pumps are stand-mounted; you can also call them pedestal pumps. The second type is a submersible pump.

Stand-mounted Pumps

These pumps use a floating system to turn on the pump and drain water out. Its motor is above its pump area, and it should stay clear from water all the time.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump comes with a sealed, waterproof covering to protect the motor from any water ingress. These pumps are submerged into the water to drain out the water. These are safer pumps than stand-mounted pumps and last longer.

The Power – Horsepower

The workload you will exert on a sump pump (mounted or submersible) will be crucial when choosing a pump. It must have enough motor power to cater to your needs. You may need a motor with high horsepower to discharge the water from a longer distance.

Usually, water discharging from a basement may require a motor with half horsepower.

Therefore, check for the distance and the depth of the waterlogged area to go for a suitable sump pump purchase. Review the pump and motor specs that suit your requirements.

Capacitive Switch

You should go for a sump pump carrying a capacitive switch for a free-flowing automatic operation. These pumps come with different switches covering all aspects from a manual to an automatic pump.

These switches can also measure the water levels. This facility will switch on the sump pump whenever the water-level matches the level in the sump pump basin. These are durable for their non-mechanical part.

Perpendicular Switches

You should opt for a sump pump with a perpendicular-switch for an automatic operation of the motor. These switches move in vertical flow to turn on the pump.

Diaphragm Switch

This switch will use the pressure of the water level to send a signal to the pump for activating the motor.


You should choose a sump pump made from stainless steel, bronze, or iron material with an epoxy layer to make it more rust and corrosion-resistant.

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