Why is Waterproofing My Basement Essential?

Your basement is not just a place to store the odds and ends that you just want to get out of the way. It is the foundational structure of your entire home. The only problem worse for your structure than a compromised foundation is burning down. Houses are built on the foundation, and this helps maintain structural integrity, and water is the main cause of problems in the foundation.

The wet soil under the foundation may shift from swelling or loss of strength. Dampness is also the ideal place for mold growth. Maintaining a dry foundation is important because the dampness has a negative impact on the structural integrity.

Why Basements Need Waterproofing

Typical concrete is not waterproof. While leaky basements are a fairly common problem, taking precautionary measures to keep your interior spaces from flooding may be the best solution. Basement waterproofing is an excellent investment because it helps prevent water damage. This damage usually results in expensive repairs.

Exterior waterproofing involves extensive excavation, which must be done around the entire house and all the way down to the base of the foundation. Once that is complete, an expert will use a waterproof coating to seal the walls and make them airtight. The water is directed away and towards the drainage system. Exterior waterproofing also prevents moisture from damaging the home’s interior and foundation.

Interior drainage systems are used to drain underground water from below-grade spaces as well as the water that collects along the foundation. Although some homeowners may take the system for granted, these systems can provide extensive benefits when there is a power outage, heavy rainfall, or heavy melting of snow. 

Apart from helping ensure the area is free of both mold and mildew, efficient drainage is effective in keeping water out of the home.

How Waterproofing Your Basement Protects Your Home


These facts alone should convince you to waterproof your basement, but here are more reasons why this small precaution will protect your home:

  • Prevents Flooding: Flash Flooding is the number one most destructive natural disaster in America. Waterproofing your basement will help protect your home from water damage that could ruin any valuables you store there, regardless of the weather.
  • Prevents Mold and Mildew: Even if there is not a flood, leaks in your basement from rain or snow could cause moisture to build-up in your home. This moisture can lead to dangerous mold and mildew growing, which can cause health problems from coughing and skin irritation to even aggravating allergies and asthma. 
  • Prevents Cracks in Foundation: When moisture is trapped in the tiny surfaces of the basement foundation, it expands and contracts with the rising and falling of temperatures. This leads to cracks that may lead to problems with the overall structural integrity of your house. Repairing the leaks in the basement walls and waterproofing your basement spaces will lower the risk of costly foundation repairs. 
  • Reduces Energy Costs: A wet and warm basement drives up the humidity of your home during summer months, making it more costly to cool. Also, cracks in your foundation may let cold winter air into the house, making it more difficult and costly to keep warm. Waterproofing insulates your entire home and makes heating and cooling more efficient all year. 
  • Increases Value: A basement that is waterproofed automatically has added property value. It is easier to finish or refurbish if you desire. It has added protection and security for all the aforementioned reasons. The return on the investment is definitely worthwhile. 

Now that you understand how important and beneficial it is to waterproof your basement take preventive measures and contact an expert and keep your home protected. 

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