Tips for Converting a Basement into a Living Space

If you’ve got unused space in your home’s basement, it’s the perfect opportunity to refinish the space and create a useful space in your home for you and your family to enjoy. You can add a spare bedroom or an entire basement apartment to your home, which skyrockets the value of your home. There are many things to take into consideration when refinishing your basement, so our team has put some tips together to make your basement remodeling project go smoothly.

Make Sure Your Basement is Dry

Cracks or leaks in the walls or floors of your basement can lead to water entering your home and causing damage. This issue won’t let you get started on refinishing your home’s basement because the space isn’t safe or inhabitable. If the problem is major, you may need to hire a basement waterproofing contractor to pump out your basement and install a waterproofing system. This includes repairing any cracks and installing a vapor barrier to remove humidity from the space to make it safe to live in. If you require repair to your foundation, you should hire a contractor as well, it’ll help protect your investment in your home. The first step in making your basement the best room in your house begins with making sure it’s safe and waterproof.

Install Proper Ventilation

Going along with keeping your basement dry and moisture-free, making sure that it’s properly ventilated is key to maintaining an inhabitable basement. Ventilation will help steer harmful fumes away from your home and also allow any water vapor to evaporate. Part of ventilation is your windows. When it comes to basements, that means egress windows. Egress windows allow much-needed light into your basement, but also a chance for some airflow in your new living space. If you plan to rent your basement or use it as a living space for yourself, you’ll absolutely need egress windows in case of an emergency. 

Inspect Plumbing & Wiring

Living spaces will require plumbing and electrical wiring to make the space livable. You’ll have to hire plumbers and electricians to ensure that any existing connections are safe to use or adding them to your basement. You don’t want to immediately test your new waterproofing system with a leaky toilet that leads to puddles in your basement. 

Measure Everything

No matter which project you begin in your basement first, accurate measurements of everything are keys. Knowing exactly how much space you’re working with so that you can create a beautiful looking space that looks neat and functions well. 

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