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Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry on Rainy Days

Regardless of the age and design of your home, your basement is often at risk of exposure to water and moisture. This can cause property damage amounting to significant repair costs. Take the following steps to make sure your basement remains safe and dry on the rainy days to come.

Install or Replace Gutters

If your home is without an effective gutter system to collect rainwater, some water will surely end up in your basement. Make sure that your home is efficiently collecting rainwater and steering the water a sufficient distance from your home, far from your basement.

Don’t Dry Your Clothing in the Basement

If your washing machine is in the basement, it can be tempting to take clothes out and hang them to dry right there but you should take the time to bring them upstairs. Bringing any wetness or dampness into your basement will add to the humidity and moisture which is capable of causing significant issues for your home.

Properly Ventilate Appliances

If your washing machine, dryer, or other appliances are ventilated within your basement, you will almost surely create a moisture issue for yourself in your basement. For this reason, make sure these appliances vent outdoors, releasing their moisture outside your home. It is also imperative to ensure these machines are leak-free.

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