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Spotting Foundation Problems

There is a lot of ways to spot if the foundation of the house you are currently living in or thinking of moving to has problems. You may want to have it checked by professionals but if there is no one available, it may do you good to spot these basic signs before it costs you. Read more below about these signs


One of the easiest to spot a foundation is if there is uneven flooring. It may be subtle but once you notice it, it cannot be unseen. Granted that sometimes sloped floors are intentional to match the design of the house, more often than not, it will lead to future problems.

Doors and Windows

Another sign that is easy to spot is a misaligned door or window. The doors and windows that were once so easy to open and close are now suddenly getting stuck. Yes, it may be because they were wrongly cut or the materials have expanded, but it can also mean problems with the foundation of the house.

Cracked Walls

Hairline cracks on walls, especially the ones above doorways, windows, or corners where walls meet ceilings can be easily fixed by professionals. Although this is the case, seeing cracks on walls may be a sign of a more underlying problem with the house’s foundation. Cracks are usually caused by the change of humidity levels. Cracks in the foundation allow more moisture and humidity to enter your home which leads to other problems.

Foundation problems costs are expensive, especially if not treated right away. Luckily, there are professionals, such as B-Dry Systems. Our team of highly-trained professionals is experts in identifying foundation problems and providing complete solutions for your problems. Call us now or visit our website to learn more

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