Places to Check for Water Leaks in Your Home

If you have a leak in your home but aren’t sure where it’s coming from, this is the guide you need. Having a leak anywhere in your home is a major risk to the safety of your entire home so solving this as soon as possible is crucial. Use our guide to help identify the leak and find a solution immediately.


Toilet leaks are often to blame for a majority of water leaks in residential buildings and homes. The problem goes unnoticed because it is an internal issue that often doesn’t make noise or have other obvious signs. Check the toilets around your home by removing the top and listening for a hissing sound after flushing.

Hot Water Tank

Check the pressure relief valve on your hot water tank for a common place for leaks in your home. If you hear sounds from the valve or the pipe and drain connected, you may have a leakage.


If you don’t consistently clean your gutters, you may have a leak from build up. Seasonal cleanings will avoid this issue, especially after fall. In addition to checking your gutters, be sure your drainpipes are free of blockages.


Some leaks could be impossible for the naked eye to spot. A good way to test if there is a leak in your home is to shut off the water in your entire home then check your water meter. Record the reading and go back an hour later and check it again an hour later to see if the reader has changed. If so, you definitely have a leak problem and need to consult a professional immediately to find and address the leak. 

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