Guide to Finishing Your Basement- What You Need to Know

If you are interested in finishing your basement, there are several necessary steps to take to ensure the new space is safe and liveable. Use our guide below to help make sure you are prepared for the extensive process and that your hard work isn’t compromised by the consequences of forgetting an important step!

Decide on a Design

The first step that many homeowners take, and often the easiest, because a basement finishing project is usually born from one’s vision. Transitioning these ideas into more practical realities will be necessary for you to move on with a more cohesive plan for your basement.

Research the Legal Aspects

Depending on where you live, there could be legal aspects to your basement finishing job. Many cities require you to obtain a building permit so it is best to do this research far ahead of when you plan to start building. You will also likely need a building plan when you apply for the permit so be sure you are taking the necessary steps to stay proactive.

Waterproof Your Basement

Countless homeowners proceed with a basement finishing project without protecting the space with a waterproofing system and end up losing all their hard work. Basements are the most vulnerable place in your home to water damage and leaks. By investing in a basement waterproofing system, you can guarantee your basement will not be plagued with water damage that will cost you thousands of dollars.

Call Your Plumber

If you are adding plumbing to your basement, this is the time to complete the installation process. Call your plumber or begin installing the necessary systems yourself.

Install Electricity

After the plumbing is completed, it is time to call your electrician and give the basement electricity. If you would also like heating and air conditioning, you should call a trusted HVAC professional at this time.

Put Up Ceiling

If your basement is in need of a new ceiling, the basement is now ready for it after the plumbing and electricity are completed.

Furnish & Decorate

Now that all the tedious work is complete, it’s time to decorate and furnish your new space! Take your time choosing the best furniture and design for the space so you can make it exactly what you had in mind!