Top Reasons to Not Ignore Foundation Repair

It can be fairly tempting to ignore and put off foundation repairs. This though, can be very dangerous and below are some of the  reasons why a foundation repair should be moved up to the top of your to-do list.

Dry vs. Wet Weather:

Much like a sponge, soil expands and contracts based on whether it has water within it. This constant change of lateral pressure onto your home’s foundation can produce wear and tear. Fixing any deteriorating blocks or bricks, helps to allow your walls to push back.

Path of Least Resistance: 

It is much more difficult for water to make its way through a block then it is through a crack. One small unattended issue will start to build upon itself.

It won’t get better:

There is little explanation need here… just more wasted money and increased damages.

Use of Space:

Fixing up any cracks in the lower level of your house allows you to store valuables where you weren’t before. You could even take your dry basement space and create an additional living space by finishing it.

Resale Value:

Your houses price just went up. If you can show home buyers a repaired basement, backed by a warranty from an industry leading company, you will reap the benefits.

Less Inconvenience:

Small foundation issues are the start to much larger issues. If they go unattended, structural integrity and much larger issues can ensue. It’s not worth living out on the streets while your home undergoes construction.


Out of all benefits from saving money, to utilizing more space, none of them rank as high as improved safety. This factor alone justifies a basement and foundation repair.