Signs of Waterproofing Problems in Basements

When shopping for a new home, there are so many different things you can take into consideration. At the top of this list you may have the best schools, the perfect number of bedrooms, or bathrooms and your dream backyard. Something not as exciting but that is extremely important, that you shouldn’t leave off the list is the condition of the basement. Homeowners may disregard the current situation of a basement when selling a home but with a few tips, you can tell if there are any problems.

Top Signs of Potential Waterproofing Problems in the Basement:

  1. Musty & Damp Odor
  2. Efflorescence
  3. Walls Cracking
  4. Cracking throughout the Floor
  5. Bowed Walls
  6. Water Marks on the Walls

B-Dry Boston has been keeping thousands of residents across the state of Massachusetts safe and dry for year! Whether you are a new homeowner or one that is looking to buy a house, be sure to check out the condition of your basement during the process. You won’t feel too happy when you realize you were tricked into buying a home with a flooding and leakage problem.