Home and Basement Waterproofing Services in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Our team at B-Dry Systems is proud to serve the community of Gloucester with our basement and home waterproofing services. 

Waterproofing Services in Gloucester, MA

Most homeowners know just how serious issues with your foundation can be. Issues with your foundation can be very costly, and they tend to spread throughout your home, making a big problem worse. Address any moisture problems in your basement as soon as possible because the consequences of ignoring it can be significant. The patented B-Dry System we install has been trusted in over 30,000 homes, so we have seen every moisture level in basements, from flooding to humidity problems. Once the B-Dry System is installed, you can count on it to keep your basement dry moving forward. Contact us today if you’re a Gloucester homeowner in need of basement waterproofing services.

B Dry Services Offered in Gloucester, MA

Why Choose B Dry Systems in Gloucester, MA?

We’re waterproofing experts at B-Dry Systems; we’ve got solutions for any water issue that you’ve got in your home. We offer sump pump services for when water from the outside makes its way into your basement. They’re installed underneath the basement floor and made of two components to first collect water and then pump the water out. We offer automatic systems that keep your home dry even if you aren’t there. All of our installations include sensors to trigger the system when it needs to be used. Another basement waterproofing option that we offer is French drains. A French drain system is a pipe sitting in a trench below the basement floor to move water away from your foundation, where it can cause damage. Vapor barriers are another important part of our waterproofing system, they collect water that is in the air. Water vapor can usually get in through even the smallest gaps or cracks, but not with a vapor barrier. 

Contact us today if you’re a Gloucester homeowner in need of waterproofing your home’s basement and foundation. We’ve helped so many Massachusetts residents help enjoy their basements again. Gloucester residents should contact our team with any of their basement waterproofing concerns. To learn more about our patented system and the services that we offer, call us at (978) 262-1405 or fill out an online request