Basement Waterproofing in Wilmington, MA

B-Dry Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is happy to provide the residents of Wilmington, Massachusetts with its professional services. B-Dry has been working in Wilmington for years due to its close proximity to our headquarters. A quick 10 mile drive and our technicians can easily asses your current basement condition. A wet basement can cause a series of problems for any homeowner. Some of the more common access point that the water enters through is your basement walls, floors and space between the two. After entering the basement appliances begin to damage and wood can rot. This all then leads to unwanted insects, mold, mildew and fungus. 

Wilmington, MA Waterproofing

Whether it is a completely flooded basement to a little leakage, what water you are seeing is only a small part of a much larger problem. The B-Dry System has proved again and again that they get the job done. There are roughly 200,000 plus successful installations in the U.S and around 30,000 in Massachusetts alone. Wilmington has around 23,000 residents and we understand a large portion of these people are dealing with water in their basements. Remove this stressful part of your life and get a clean and dry basement. 

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