Basement Waterproofing in Malden, MA

B-Dry Systems, is happy to serve and offer customers within Malden, MA with their elite basement waterproofing system. B-Dry is a successful nationwide company that has installed their popular waterproofing system in over 200,000 basements across the country. Malden is a popular city just north of Boston, with a population just around 60,000 thousands residents. Everyday people in this city are having problems with a wet basement and just don’t know where to turn. 

A wet, damp, flooded, or leaking basement can be a pain to deal with. Water often seeps through a vulnerable wall or floor and can then cause destruction. From being a nuisance to damaging your appliances and rotting wood, you are looking at a big problem. Appliance replacement, wood rot resulting in mold, insects and mildew growing often then results in a larger few to clean everything up. 

At B-Dry, we get down to the route of the problem and are able install a proven system that doesn’t temporarily stop the problem but permanently fixes all water leakage. While using the B-Dry system, you will receive a lifetime warranty that we have backed up for over 50 years! 

If you live in Malden and are sick of having a wet basement, give B-Dry a call at (978) 262-1405.

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