Choosing the right air dehumidifier for your basement

Looking to buy a dehumidifier for your basement? A few things you need to check before your purchase.

Keeping the moisture levels low is a big part of keeping your basement in mint condition. In renovating a basement, adding a dehumidifier can be an option for the homeowner.  A dehumidifier is used to keep the moisture levels to a minimum and can help stop any funky smells. There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to purchasing a dehumidifier for your home.


Placement is key when it comes to making sure your room stays dry. Strategically placing this dehumidifier in the room can yield high results for your basement. It is not ideal to place it under a table or wedge between furniture. If you have a single unit in a large area, it is ideal to place it in the middle of the room. If your room is known to have areas with a higher build-up of moisture like next to a window then place it closer to the trouble areas.

Coverage area

For small basements, one dehumidifying machine is enough to cover the area depending on the size of the unit. Make sure you read the coverage area of the unit and buy the proper one to fit your room size. If you own a larger basement buying more than one unit might be necessary to ensure minimal moisture.

Does it have a hose attachment?

A hose attachment is a big part of a dehumidifier for two main reasons. The hose can help drain out the excess liquid out of the dehumidifier. With this, it would help if your basement had a drain to make it much easier on your pockets instead of buying an extra attachment to store the water.

User-friendly features

Sometimes you can be forgetful of appliances that are plugged on in your home. If you are I would advise you to buy a unit that offers a timer to turn on and off at certain times of the day. This can save you a little extra on your utility bills and can slow down depreciation of the product allowing it to hopefully last you a long time. Also, check if there is a defrosting option. Some homeowners use this year round and during the winter it would be a nuisance if the unit were to freeze.