Basement Waterproofing Basics You Need to Know

Choosing Your Basement Waterproofing Method

Choosing a method to waterproof your basement is the first step you must take after deciding to go ahead with this home improvement project. Whether your basement has moisture issues and you are addressing them or if this is a preventative measure, it one of the best ways to invest in your home. Follow along to find out more about the different ways you can prevent water damage in your basement.

Interior Waterproofing

Many people choose an interior waterproofing system over exterior waterproofing systems for several reasons. Interior waterproofing addresses hydrostatic pressure or pressure from groundwater that ends up seeping through your basement walls and foundation that causes damage to your home. This method is used both when there is an imminent threat and most times, water is already in your basement and as a preventative measure. In order to install the system, a professional will have to break through your wall or foundation and install a new draining system and a sump pump to safely divert the groundwater away from your home.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is a much more invasive approach than interior waterproofing. Typically, an exterior waterproofing system will require a complete excavation of your foundation. Because it requires so much disruptive work, the best time to install an exterior waterproofing is when your home is being built or under construction. The major difference between exterior and interior systems are that exterior relies on a waterproof coating that prevents water from getting into your basement. This system forms a thick barrier between your basement and the water trying to come in. 

Invest in a Basement Waterproofing System

B-Dry Systems of Massachusetts offers the best solution for your basement water problems.  With a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured knowing your basement will be covered for life. Contact us today for a free estimate on waterproofing your basement!