Ways to Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

Having a flood in your basement can be devastating to both your home and your wallet. Luckily, many flooding situations can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions before any water damage occurs. Follow our tips below to prepare your home and avoid your basement flooding during this rainy season.

    • Keep Your Rain Gutters Clean– Gutters are often overlooked and forgotten about but they are an essential part of your home. By keeping your gutters clean, you can better ensure the draining system is working correctly to push water away from your home and basement.
    • Inspect Your Exterior– Many times, people search the inside of their basement for problems areas where water may be able to enter their home but often times, the problem is on the outside. Search your home’s exterior for foundation cracks that water could be seeping in through. Though this problem will typically cause mold or smaller leaks, during a storm this could easily cause flooding in your basement. If you find such cracks, consult a professional immediately.
    • Inspect Your Sewers & Septic Tank– If there is a clogging or draining issue in your sewers or septic tank, they are a ticking time bomb when a storm arrives. Ensure that both of these have been inspected and/or cleaned recently to avoid causing a flooding issue during heavy rainfall.
    • Invest in a Basement Waterproofing System– By investing in a complete basement waterproofing system, you will relieve the stress and worry of a basement flood. With a lifetime warranty, B-Dry Systems guarantees our system will waterproof your basement, preventing floods and even leaks. Contact us today for a free estimate on waterproofing your basement!