Identify Water & Moisture Problems in Your Basement

Sometimes, it can be easy to identify water leaks or other moisture issues in your basement but other times, it’s not so obvious. Use these tips to identify moisture in your basement and prevent any further damage by addressing it now.

  1. Strange Odors– If there is an odor in your basement that you can’t seem to identify, it could be hidden water damage. If it is from water damage, the smell will likely be musty. Take a look around your basement for the possible problem area and if you’re unable to find it, call a professional for assistance.
  2. Peeling Paint– If the paint on one part of your wall is peeling, this can be a sign of water damage beneath the paint. Loose water inside wall spaces can cause serious damage and should be repaired immediately.
  3. Mold Growth– Visual signs of mold or other bacteria growth are a clear sign of a moisture issue in your basement. When mold spores combine with water, they become visible and form the mold we often see. If you see anything mold-like growing in your basement, seek professional help immediately to have it safely removed from your home.
  4. Sagging Walls– If you notice a wall is a different shape than it used to be, this is likely due to water damage. Drywall becomes heavy when wet and will often be visible from the wall’s exterior. Keep an eye on your walls and if you see any changes in shape, contact a professional for help.


If you see any signs of water problems in your basement, you should address them immediately to prevent any further damage. Avoid any water problems in the future by waterproofing your basement with a lifetime warranty. Contact B-Dry Systems today for a free estimate on your basement!