Refinished Basement For Apartment

Homeowners don’t often to look to refinish their basements because they don’t see the value of doing so. They think: “What will I do with this space?” “Is it worth it?”. The benefits of redoing your basement are far and wide. The possibilities are honestly endless. In our last blog, we talked about creating a man cave, and we also want to discuss creating extra living space or an apartment.

With college students coming home shortly and with families growing, there is frequently the need for more household bedrooms. As kids get older, they also want the feeling of independence, and adding a new room in the basement can be a great solution. It gives them a new area and it also get them out of your hair 24/7! It’s a win-win.

While refinishing a basement sounds great, a lot of basements are not equipped for living situations do to water leakage and flooding. B-Dry Systems is here to install their permanent waterproofing system that keeps the water out and keeps your basement dry.

Why B-Dry? Our system has been installed in over 200,000 basements nationwide and has stood the test of time.

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