Wet Basements Cause Problems

Did you know that a wet basement is listed in the Top 10 of “Reasons Not to Buy a Home?” In fact, damp and wet basements are a leading cause of why home hunters decide not to buy homes they were shown.

If your home has a basement, you may think that having to pump out water after it floods is just par for the course. In reality, you can keep your basement clean and dry when you have it professionally waterproofed.When water leaks into a basement, it can end up causing great damage to any property and possessions located there. Having your basement properly waterproofed is the best way to keep damaging water out of your home.

Basement waterproofing includes a choice of options, depending on your needs, such as moisture proofing; repairing cracked or bowing walls; installing and servicing sump pumps; installing interior and exterior French drains, battery back-up sump pumps, wall anchors, power braces, steel I-beams, or piercings; or complete foundation re-builds.